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Vantage-Point Web Based Energy Monitoring
With electricity prices forecast to increase by 65%, many plastic injection moulding companies are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. To assist in achieving this objective we have added an accurate Energy Monitoring feature to our Vantage-Point Production Monitoring system. The system records exactly where and when energy is used. This identifies targets for energy saving. It then measures the effect of changes to procedures or equipment to see if the expected savings are being realised. The system also identifies where energy is being wasted by continually comparing the actual energy consumption of each machine or ancillary against a target. This target is dependent what the machine is doing at the time. Energy Monitoring has been possible for some time but the equipment was expensive, Oxbridge have teamed up with a UK meter company who can supply a meter to our requirements at a low cost. As a result we can now offer this additional facility for less than 100 per machine, making it very easy to justify.
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